Harbin Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute of Welding and Cutting Products (HQSIIWCP)  
It has three divisions: the National Welding materials Quality Supervision & Inspection Center (NWCQSIC), the HWI Metallic Material Lab (MML), and the Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Flame Cutting Mechanical Products (QSICFCMP).
The NWCQSIC is a national quality inspection center that authorized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC (GAQSIQ) after a thorough check and approval based on its measuring methods and requirements. So the inspection results from the Center are regarded with legal effect. It is also:

a national inspection unit of science and technology achievements authorized jointly by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and the GAQSIQ.
the unit to inspect the welding electrodes manufacturing license authorized by the National Industrial Products Manufacture Certificate Office (NIPMCO) of GAQSIQ. Locating in the NWCQSIC, the inspection office is entrusted by the NIPMCO and responsible for the license inspection.

an inspection unit of welding consumables for automobile industry, authorized by the Ministry of Railways.
The secretariat of Welding Consumables Branch the National Welding Standardization Technical Committee, locates in the NWCQSIC and is responsible for the formulating and revising standards for welding consumables.

Authorized by CNAS, the MML is qualified for the measurement of 67 items belonging to four categories including mechanics, chemistry, metallography phase and non-destructive test (NDT). The MML’s main tasks are:

To carry out the initial and recheck inspection, and arbitration analysis on the imported-and-exported metallic materials entrusted by Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau.

To make arbitration analysis entrusted by courts, customs, and governments.
To conduct technical training and laboratory designs related to metallic materials testing for machinery and welding industries.    

The QSICFCMP, authorized by the GAQSIQ, is a professional institute for supervision and inspection machinery cutting products. It is under the administration of China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), and supervised and directed jointly by CMIF and GAQSIQ.The QSICFCMP is qualified for inspection of more than 100 cutting products in 14 categories including coordinates cutting machines, cutting torches and gas cutting machines .

HQSIIWCP possesses more than 60 sets of inspection instruments for chemistry, mechanics, metallographics metallography, and defects inspection.Forty five professional technicians and inspectors work for the institute. A great number of quality inspections, arbitration inspections and other entrusted inspections are carried out in respect of welding consumables, metallic materials, and cutting equipment. HQSIIWCP also undertakes the national random inspection of welding consumables, the accredited inspection of welding consumables for railroad vehicles, and the classification and management of welding consumables and products related to cutting machine.

In HQSIIWCP, the welding consumables, metallic materials and cutting equipment can be inspected according to different standards of different countries. Consultation services, such as personnel training, introduction of international development, standards and technical specifications, inspection methods and tesing of special properties,can also be provided. HQSIIWCP also involves in the R&D of inspection equipment for welding consumables, cutting machines and non-standard inspection equipment. 



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