In November of 1956, the Organizing Committee of Welding Technology Institute was founded.
In June of 1958, Harbin Research Institute of Welding (HRIW) was officially founded in replacement of the Organizing Committee of Welding Technology Institute. In 1961, HRIW was administratively out of the management of Harbin Institute of Technology.


In July of 1965, the Institute was renamed as Harbin Welding Institute, China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, The First Ministry of Machinery Building. It was the only professional institute engaged in welding science and technology researches in China.

In the early days of HWI, China’s civil economy was experiencing rapid development. Oriented to industrial needs, HWI carried out a number of researches that closely related to industrial applications. In this time, HWI conducted the research and promotion of electroslag welding technology, due to the limited forging capacity which restricted the development of hydropower, heavy machinery and chemical equipment in China.


In September of 1962, the Chinese Welding Society was founded in CMES.
In 1966, HWI and Shanghai Turbine Works accomplished the automatic TIG welding of the first welded 6200KW steam turbine rotor, initiating the tailor welding of turbine rotor in China.


 ● 1967—1976

According to the requirements of the national key projects, HWI conducted researches on electron beam welding technology and welding consumables for low alloy hight strength steels, and applied the achievements to the welding of power boilers, chemical equipment, bridges, and construction machinery,etc.


During this period, a welding consumables testing base and some key labs, such as the electron beam welding lab, the underwater welding lab, and the robot welding lab, were successively built in HWI. And HWI had also successfully completed many key projects and achieved more than 100 important research findings.
The Chinese Committee for Welding Standardization and China Welding Association were founded in 1985 and 1987, respectively, which secretariats were both located in HWI and gradually developed into the service center of welding industry in China.

On October 7th, 1985,the National Welding Materials Quality Supervision & Inspection Center was founded in HWI, under the authorization of the Ministry of Machine-Building.
In May of 1992, HWI submitted a proposal on building a National High Efficiency Top Quality Welding & Engineering Research Center. In January of 1996, the State Planning Commission officially replied and supported on the feasibility study report of the proposal.


The year of 1999 was of special significance to the development of HWI. On July 1st of 1999, HWI transformed from a research institute into a large-scale science and technology enterprise, following up with the China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology in accordance with the national unification deployment.  


From 1999 to 2003, HWI had substantially accomplished the task of system transformation, which laid a solid foundation for future development. In 2003, HWI restructured and formed two companies,welding consumables company and welding equipment company.In 2004, these two companies were divided into five divisions.

Since system transformation, HWI has gradually established and optimized its four  service systems: welding consumables and equipment production system, R&D of welding science and technology system, quality inspection and consultation service system, and trade service system, shaping up to be a science and technology intensive company that provides best comprehensive services to the national key welding products and the welding industry.

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